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Grand Rivers Humane is enjoying it's partnership with Mesa County School District 51. The current program encompasses writing activites and contests, coordinated with a host of community professionals willing to speak on the tough issues. Classrooms within the district are receiving KIND NEWS. KIND NEWS is an age and grade specific publication from the National Humane Education Project, sponsored by Grand Rivers Humane.We'd like to extend our thanks to participating veterinarians and the business community for playing an active role in our program.

The following schools and educators make this project possible:



Linda Taeta and Terri Earl at Appleton

Lin Buford at Columbine

Susan Krizman at Dos Rios

Jane Burton at Gateway

Barb Charlesworth at Lincoln Park

Jan Schlotthaus at Loma

Kathryn Carlson at Pomona

Debbie Green at Scenic

Jade Quint and Megan Bennett at Orchard Avenue

Jenny Krill at Scenic/ Tope/Orchard Ave

Colleen Fjeseth, Susan Meason and Meredith Miller at Tope

Dawn Olert at Hilltop Resource cneter

Jennifer Shaver at Valley UTEC

All Kreinberg, Demi Garner, and John Hurley at R-5




Did you know for just $25.00 you can sponsor a participating classroom with a 1-year subscription of Kind News?  This is an age-specific monthly newsletter from the National Humane Education Society.  We currently have 28 participating classrooms and hope to expand this fall.