Grand Rivers Humane

All Pets Deserve a Home


Adopters from Grand Rivers Humane express their joy.

Tiger is a happy camper, giving pets and hugs to humans and getting used to the two cats that beat him to our house (a little bit of hissing is giving way to sniffing). 



It has been a week since we adopted Clemente. He is amazing. He is already potty trained, has learned several new tricks and has made my son's bed his own. Thanks again for the most perfect addition to our family. 



 This is Huey, now J.D., feeling right at home! We feel so blessed to add him to our family! From Terri and Frank Horn


From Ed and Vicki Andreen 

"We owe you a debt of gratitude. We recently adopted a wonderful dog from PetSmart.  We had seen her several times at Animal Control, but we were not interested in her because she was labeled 'Pit Bull Mix'.  Your organization picked her up, had her spayed and took her to PetSmart.  When we saw her at PetSmart, we were able to see her interact with other dogs, adults, kids and a busy environment.  Her super-sweet personality shone through and we fell in love with her.  She has been with us for three weeks and she has already become the center of our lives.  She has brought an incredible amount of joy into our lives and our home.  We never would have adopted her, if it hadn't been for your organization giving her a chance to be seen outside of the pound." 

Thanks for all you do.

From Maria Iuliano

"I have the cutest Yorkshire Terrier in the world.  His name is Rocco and he's six years old.  He is so absolutely loveable and is great with my three young nephews who live with me.  He is also toothless.  This may seem funny, a toothless dog, but the reasons for it are not.  My 3 pound Yourkie was neglected by his previous owners and then was heartlessly abandoned some where in Montrose.  He was left to die.  When he was finally found, he was barely recognizable as a dog, let alone a pure breed.  His teech were all broken and rotted.  They had to come out.  Luckily he was found by a member of Grand Rivers Humane Society.  She and her family fostered him and cared for him until he was healthy enough to be adopted.  I was lucky enough to be at her house one night and saw Rocco.  It was love at first sight!  I knew he had to be part of my family. 

Rocco was saved by Grand Rivers Humane Society.  He got a second chance at life because of the love and care he got from his foster fmaily.  This is why Grand Rivers is so important.  Giving dogs and cats, young and old, a chance for a good life with people who love them is a huge goal for the member and volunteers of Grand Rivers.  I am really happy to say that in Roccos's case that goal was reached and Grand Rivers Humane Society saved one more very special little life!"


Beth -

You cannot imagine the joy Teddy has returned to our home.  He loves us, loves everybody and everything.  Such a pleasant, intelligent little guy. 

The greyhound, "Kota," thought he was our Button dog as Teddy looks somewhat like her.  After the usual sniffing they have settled in like they had been raised together.  They tried to romp, but the greyhound is so large and boisterous she overwhelmed Teddy and he scolded her pretty good - to no good effect.  They are very comfortable in each other's presence.

Teddy eats good, is learning to walk on the leash [you should see Jean with the greyhound on one side and little Teddy on the other.]  He figured out how to open the yard gate the very first minute he was home, but we have that under control.   And he and I have had some good fights over toys.  He loves to spar with me.  And ride...

Thanks so much for sharing him with us and God bless you for what you are doing for His neatest of all creations, dogs.

Expect us to show up in a couple of months for a visit.  We want him to really get settled in to avoid confusion in his little pea brain.  [He is calming down-takes naps and is acting like maybe he will be OK with living here.]

Thanks again.  So glad you were at the (Farmers) Market.  We can believe that you were supposed to be there to tell us about Teddy, can't we?

Floyd and Jean

Thanks from me, too; Teddy is just what I needed in a pet-so loving, smart (and I think he's cute, too, in spite of the haircut-Ha!)  I'm looking forward to a long life with this boy. - Jean.